LCQ – Barangay Palingon Business Establishment

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 06:13 PM

In order to manage cases and contain the spread of COVID-19 cases more effectively, Taguig City is placing the workers’ quarters of a business establishment in Barangay Palingon-Tipas under a localized quarantine on August 19-September 2, upon the recommendation of the Safe City Task Force.

The company conducted RT-PCR testing on 52 individuals, of which 18 turned out positive for COVID-19. As soon as the swab test results were released, the City Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit (CEDSU) investigated the area and determined a cluster of infections, explaining the sudden surge of positive cases in the area.

Under the localized quarantine, the workers’ quarters will be cordoned off so that no one enters or exits the facility. A quarantine and containment management team will secure the area round-the-clock. Further testing will be conducted to determine the extent of the spread of the virus in the area. All the individuals under quarantine will be monitored regularly for their health and living conditions.

The city will also provide the daily food and hygiene needs of the workers.

Rest assured that the City is doing everything in its capacity to keep the general populace safe and secure against the COVID-19 menace.