Dine-In Guidelines and Protocols under GCQ

Last Updated on October 23, 2020 01:32 PM

As we continue our winning battle against COVID-19, continued efforts are exhausted in order to make sure every Taguigeño is safe with the food and services offered in eating establishments. Taguig City and its Safe City Task Force has set the guidelines on the operations and reiteration of the minimum health and safety protocols for dine-in restaurants and establishments.

Dine-in services of all restaurants and food establishments shall be allowed at 50% capacity. Restaurants and food establishments are also allowed to open for 24 hours for take-out and delivery services only. However, dine-in operations in all restaurants shall be until 12AM only.

Businesses including restaurants, fast-food chains, eateries and other dining establishments, who fail to comply with the standards will be penalized.

It would be best for us to remain vigilant, put safety above all, and remember to always be responsible as we enjoy dine-in experience with confidence and peace of mind.