Placement of Certain Areas in Barangay Sta. Ana under LCQ

Last Updated on September 07, 2020 08:10 PM

As part of Taguig City’s aggressive action to curb the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our residents, Pulong Kendi 2 and Samasipat in Barangay Sta. Ana shall be placed under Localized Community Quarantine starting September 8 until September 23, 2020.

This move was based on the recommendation of Taguig CEDSU after the analysis of the results of the RT-PCR tests, active case finding and extensive contract tracing conducted in Barangay Sta. Ana have shown a general community transmission in the cluster of COVID-19 cases from the areas.

In order to further isolate and contain the virus, CEDSU and the Quarantine and Containment Management Team (QCMT) recommended the following:
1. Restrict the movement of all residents in the area.
2. Move all confirmed cases to quarantine facilities.
3. Conduct further testing and active case finding at the identified localized area, making sure to send all individuals tested to quarantine facilities while awaiting results.

Due to the City Government’s aggressive actions to contain areas where outbreaks are occurring, Taguig maintains to be one of the cities that has the lowest number of active cases per population in the National Capital Region. The City also has the lowest number of fatalities due to COVID-19 and the lowest attack rates in NCR.